Tool Time Blog - 6/18/2019

Tool Time Blog - 6/18/2019

Hello Again!

Sadly no exciting stories from me this week, as all I have been doing is watching the Women’s Soccer World Cup and the Dutch 3x3 Pro League. However, next week I will be volunteering at the 3x3 World Cup in Amsterdam, I will have a lot to talk about after experiencing one of the biggest events in The Netherlands. But to make sure I had a blog post this week I’ve done as promised and interviewed two Lady Mustangs!

Now most of you know how to browse the Internet and find anything you want about my teammates, so I decided to ask them 3 questions I’m sure you won’t find the answer to, no matter how long you browse. 

Up first is a player best known for being a lefty, her 3-point shot, and showing me what pickle chips are (by far one of the most revolting American foods I’ve tried)! You probably already guessed it when I said lefty, but my first interviewee was Natalie Thurber. 

Natalie, nicknamed Nat, took her sweet time answering my questions but her answers did not disappoint! When I asked her who she would invite if she had her own Late Night Talk Show she decided not to invite famous super stars but opted for her family and friends instead. Bri (Brianna Mulherin), JB, and her dad made the final cut. Her reasoning, they all have similar personalities and it would be hilarious to watch them being their true selves!

While we where on the topic of TV shows a nostalgic question came up. What cartoon or tv character where you afraid of as a kid? Now it has been a while since Nat has seen this show but the Teletubbies scared her just a little bit. It was their size that did the trick and made them so creepy according to her.

My last question was purely to see if our team would function off the basketball court, plus I want to see if any of them can do this in real life when I come back. If you had to perform in a circus what would your act be? Nat opted for one of the safer options in the circus and chose to be a juggler. That would be a fun halftime show Nat, you better start practicing!

Now I promised two interviews so up next is last week’s Mystery Mustang. This Mustang is another 3-point shooter who has been around for a while. While her shot is fabulous, she is also known for being a tough defender, and having a fanbase so large that many of them wear customized t-shirts when coming to our games. Her fans probably already know who I am talking about, but for those who don’t Kristen Huntress was the second Mustang forced to answer my questions.

Kristen, often called Kris was extremely quick to answer as I got her response right after she was done working at CM. I asked her the same questions I asked Nat but got a totally different response! Whereas Natalie had a family based Late night Talk Show Kristen went right for the fame. Her first invite went out to Steph Curry, just because she loves him! While that is a pretty solid reason to invite someone famous, she had totally different reason to invite another well-known basketball player, Zion Williamson. Kris might not be the tallest on the team, but she does expect Zion to teach her how to dunk when she invites him! I would advise a trampoline Kris?! Her last invite went out to a person she describes as a sweet person and her favorite singer, Taylor Swift. I think we need to add one of Taylor’s songs to the warm up playlist; Kristen is going to be shooting the lights out if we do.

Kris had to ask her parents if she was afraid of any cartoons, which already reveals the answer. She was not, but not because she is not scared of anything. According to her parents she spent most of her time playing outside and did not actually spend time watching TV.

To accompany Nat in next years half time shows is a tightrope dancer! Personally, I have never seen Kris walk on a tight rope but if anyone has any video proof feel free to put in the replies, I am wondering if she has ever tried!

Until next time!

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