Tool Time Blog - 5/24/19

Tool Time Blog - 5/24/19

Hello again,

Your favorite Lady Mustangs have once again scattered around the globe to get back home. Where this was a drive to New Hampshire for our “Thunder” and “Lightning” (Ahna & Kasie), it was a long flight, and as previously mentioned smelly airports, for others. Now I must tell you all, getting out of an airport is not as easy as it seems. It took me about an hour to find a passport control that was not closed. However, the easiest way out anywhere, and I promise you this, is following a family with crying children. They will be let through anywhere, and all you have to do is follow right behind them and pretend that you have no clue as of what you are doing.

About 10-minutes after I had found a family with crying little kids I found my own family! My parents, and my best friend, were all standing there waiting for me. A little overwhelmed by all the hugs I was getting I started telling them all the funny stories I probably had already told them over the phone. Being home was going to be good old fun.

Next week I will be traveling to Tanzania, which is a country on the east coast of Africa. Being vaccinated for the Yellow Fever and DKTP is not exactly what I was expecting to do as “good old fun” during my first few days at home, but whatever you have to do to go to Tanzania you got to do. Two vaccines, and a talk about not standing in puddles because tiny worms might lay eggs in my body later, I felt totally safe and ready to go.  Oh, the doctor also told us to not stand in black spikes on the beaches, they are poisonous and can kill you.

What is fun however is Eurovision, a song festival where all countries from Europe and surprisingly Israel and Australia compete. Many of you might not be familiar, but Eurovision acts and performers can be a little, let’s just call it crazy. Last year a song where a woman makes chicken sounds won. The last time The Netherlands won was 44 years ago, but that might also be because our acts do not make chicken sounds. This year is different though, for the first time in a while the “bookmakers” are betting on a win for our little country.

So, because our little country actually has a chance of winning some of our family friends decided to throw a little song festival get together. Not everyone can make it because of course way bigger parties are happening, but about 10 of us are there and we watch together anxiously hoping that our song finally wins it all. About 4-hours later, at 1 in the morning we WIN! You can hear cars honking outside and people cheering. Winning also means that you host the next year, I’m afraid we don’t have enough room in our country for all the people who come and watch, but we’ll see.

As promised, I also have some good news for you from one of the incoming freshmen. India, who is from England, had her F1- Student VISA approved - or as she said, “Trump has decided to let me in.” We are all excited for India to arrive in Maine in August; she visited for a week this past season, and all of us got really close with her.

Now I must let you all wait for next week when I will be writing to you from Tanzania. For now, I must go and support my dad, as he will be attempting to play in a basketball game with some other old people. Let us hope he does not break anything!

More next week, as I hope to have some more fun stories from the other girls!

  • Elena

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