NSCA recognizes two CMCC student-athletes

NSCA recognizes two CMCC student-athletes

Colorado Springs, CO - The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is proud to announce Holly Decourcey and Jordy Knoren as 2018 All-American Athlete of the Year Award recipients. This award recognizes athletic accomplishments and dedication to strength and conditioning while maintaining academic prominence.

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Jim St. Pierre, says, "Holly was a member of the 2017 USCAA Division II Women's National Tournament Championship Team. She is one of the captains on this year's Lady Mustangs, who have earned the number one seed in the 2018 USCAA Division II Women's National Tournament. Her unwavering dedication to our strength and conditioning program is demonstrated by her dominance of our Mustangs Top 10 Performance Lists. She thoroughly enjoys and is committed to the process of improving performance through strength and conditioning. She is an outstanding student as evidenced by her 3.6 GPA, being named to the YSCC Academic All-Conference Team, and being honored as an USCAA Academic All-American. Holly is a Life Sciences major and will be graduating this May.  Jordy is an outstanding role model for his teammates and peer student-athletes at Central Maine Community College. As a two-sport athlete in soccer and ice hockey, he served as team captain during the 2017-2018 season for the Mustangs Ice Hockey Team. His commitment to our strength and conditioning program led to observable improvements in performance. Additionally, the athletic training staff applauded his determination as he successfully returned to competition following a significant leg injury. Jordy will graduate from the Physical Fitness Specialist Program."

"We are proud to have Coach St. Pierre join the NSCA to ensure athlete safety and improve athletic performance," says Coach Scott Caulfield, the NSCA's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, "Supporting NSCA-certified coaches and student-athletes like Holly and Jordy is the foundation the NSCA is built on."

For an updated list of the All-American Athletes of the Year award, visit www.nsca.com.

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